Tristan Davies

214 King Street, Burlington, VT


A focused web developer creating elegant interfaces for a broad range of devices.


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Python


Self-Employment PHP Developer

Created and maintained an online game. Built all software and hardware while managing a team of 12. The game is known as Magistream, a fantasy world where users raise dragons and embark on quests in a shared environment. The company reached profitability in month, and gained 50,000 users within one year.

Portland Internet Design jQuery Developer

Created jQuery scripts to enhance the sites they created for their clients. Transformed static pages into interactive experiences using custom content sliders, dropdown menus, and animations.

Blue House Group Intern

Created a web application which pulled information from various APIs, organized it and formatted it for printing. Also contributed code to four of their contract projects.

Open Source

I'm currently an active contributor to several open source projects. I'm a member of the Web Team for Elementary OS, an open source linux operating system. My contributions to that project can be seen at I've also worked on, assisting them with a visual overhaul.